✅ Approval Process

⌚ Step 1: Allow our team up to 48 hours to set up an approval system for your account

 Please allow our team up to 48 hours to set up an approval system for your account. This step is crucial as it enables our team to ensure you have sufficient content to approve in the initial round and to create a unique approval link for you.

⚠️ Important note: Posting may be temporarily paused during this setup period.

✉️ Step 2: Log in to your dashboard

Login to your Social Realtr Dashboard. You can access your Social Realtr Dashboard at any time by clicking on the “Login” option at the top of our website.

✅ Step 3: Navigate to the “Approvals” section

Once you’ve logged into the Social Realtr Dashboard, go to the “Approvals” section.

🔗 Step 4: Click on the Approval Link

📝 Step 5: Begin Approving Content

Click the “Approved” button to approve each piece of content. You can also utilize the text box to leave comments or ask for changes on each specific content.

📅 Step 6: All approved content will now be used to populate your Content Calendar! 🥳

⚠️ Important note: The system is designed to only allow posting of approved content. We are unable to override this setting. If you wish to disable the approval system, please send us a message. Please ensure you stay on top of approvals to avoid any disruption to the service.

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